Luftgekühlt 2018 Bicester Heritage / by suberashi

2018 will go down as Hottest summer on record, so trust it to rain for the inaugural UK Luftgekühlt Porsche fest. ThePorsche aficionado lifestyle brand Luftgekühlt brought the Cali Porsche vibe to Bicester Heritage in England. A working motor heritage museum and local airport, based in the heart of the motorsport central, Silverstone is only a few miles away,it’s pre war setting was the perfect backdrop for cars dating from 1948 up to 1998. Singers, 356’s, RUF stock, all here. The now ubiquitous Paul Smith Design was there as well for good measure. To be fair the rain and fact that the summer holidays have started probably held numbers back, but there were still enough folks taking on the drizzle and wind to view some special cars from 70 years of Porsche engineering. The curation was spot on, valuable classics staged around this pretty venue, pop your head round one corner a RUF, stroll across the now sodden grass verges Singer recreations, a stunning sight really was. Massive congrats to #luftGB the rain came down but these cars didn’t care, in fact it added to the occasion stunning cars don’t worry about weather. Hopefully they will gave the good sense to revisit and make this yearly, it could be come a must do on the Car chasing calendar. Until then here’s the images of a future classic