Ferrari came out in force to celebrate its 70th birthday, over the weekend. Part of their world tour showcasing and celebrating everything Maranello and Enzo inspired. Along with all this heritage came the news that this would be my first full accreditation meaning access behind the fence and into the inner sanction to privileged mooching into the pits and lane for race action. Everything was here F40, Testarossa, championship winning F1 metal. Ferrari Races held a few rounds here over the weekend, and for the lucky few, laps inside the insanely glorious FXXK.  All the GT class cars made a showing no 288 GTO though. As a weekend day out defiantly do it!!! you will never see so many Ferrari classics about. Highlights ? seeing classic Ferrari F1 cars flying through Maggots and Becketts full volume no apologies. Massive thanks to Ferrari Europe for the chance (see you at FOS) to cut my teeth and have all that privilege of seeing historic iconic brilliance . More please more I can't get enough of being stood on the side of a track really can't, anyway enjoy the images. Now, how and who do I talk to for more of this???... commissions anyone ?