Speed freaks / by suberashi

Summer in England means normally one thing, rain, this can be an issue for most no good for days out, no good for holidays to Cornwall for example. But it has its benefits, one being the ability to watch Formula One cars bang around a racing circuit. Luckily the Formula One family have an idea, see after the British GP weekend the teams stay around for a test, no Lewis, no Nico, no Sebor even Max but still some stellar talent to watch and the rain. A chance for folk to take in the noise and skill that pay the bills. The day I arrived the likes of Fernando Alonso and Valttrie Bottas were to bang around Silverstone in Northamptonshire's rainy muggy summer offering.

Fernando Alonso Nikon D750 x 24mm Sigma Super Wide

To say I love F1 is a bit of an understatement ever since watching Rene Arnoux and Michele Alboreto (what amazing names) flying around Monaco as a kid I've had the bug. Senna, Mika, Michael and now Lewis all of them daredevils, have I ever mentioned that Lewis Hamilton is the most undervalued sports star in Britain? No well he is... What these guys do is nuts good, dangerous always on a limit they know the tragic risks but but they thrive on being on the edge.

Bottas Blur Nikon D750 x 50mm


As a visual I've always been drawn to the immense speed and bonkers physics involved within motor racing and F1 is the don, the driving and technical pinnacle of the game. This is something I considered when shooting, do I want the stock image of a racing car ? or do I need to show the magic off, when you spend many weekends watching you get an idea of what story you need and want. As a tog I was interested in seeing how you could tell that story of the dynamic aspect, so armed with some rough ideas off I went hoping for rain. Along with my fandom for the sport there are the photographers who get paid to tell that story that I admire and Darren Heath tells a damn good F1 story. Not just the cars but the colour's and depth behind the circus of F1, check him out if you don't already know @F1Photographer is his twitter, his book the Art of of the Race is amazing too. I love his works as it comes from the creative school and not the long lens pixel hunter gang. With that said for the gear geeks used here were a Nikon D750 a 30 quid eBay find 24mm Sigma Super Wide, a 1989 70-210mm f4 and the nifty 50mm, no mega dollar lens here.

Merc. Nikon D750 x 70-210mm

Rain was a key element for the day, it adds a dynamic with the cars showing full on aerodynamic wizardry so with that said i'll shut up and give you the pics. I need more of this in my life, they say shoot what you love I love F1 but F1 is like some holy grail gig hardest ticket to shoot in town...  but I like a challenge and I'm aiming for more...

Spray Game Nikon,  Nikon D750 x 70-210mm

If you have a chance go find some cars running round a track, one for the skill on show and two its a great photo workout, planning, panning, slowing the world down with the shutter or finding a corner to zone in on. This won't be the last of me in the rain watching the cars go by... Oh and if anyone knows how to nab an F1 accreditation let this fanboy know!!!

Alonso at Club Nikon D750 x 24mm Sigma Super Wide