Thrill on the Hill : Shelsley Walsh Worcestershire / by suberashi

Over the weekend I was able to visit a pretty cool event hosted by Morgan Cars, for owners and lovers of all the British sports car maker has to offer. The venue Shelsley Walsh, one of the oldest motorsport venues in the world hidden nestled the Worcestershire countryside. The course a steep hill climb is a real test huge inclines, rising 328 feet over 1000 yards with 16 degree inclines its nuts steep, so raw power needed indeed.  Morgan Cars have been hand building sports cars since 1905. Based a few miles away in Malvern skilled craftsmen caring build some of the best handling cars that are loved by owners and fans, not just in the UK but globally. Thrill on the Hill is the event which brings them all together. Cars of all ages are then given licence to fire up the run, pretty cool stuff seeing these cars running in their natural habitat.

All the fun of the fair.  Fuji X-T1 

All the fun of the fair.

Fuji X-T1 

This also gave me a chance to tryout my latest workhorse, the Fuji X-T1 a replacement for my much loved X-Pro1. I wasn't really looking to move up but some of the features sold me, Wi Fi, a faster focus system, EVF viewfinder and a tilting screen just a few nice touches. Along for the ride, a 35mm 1.4 and the solid 55-200mm. First thoughts after a week really are positive, things which started to irritate me have been removed by the X-T1, faster OS, the smaller body is good I was concerned that it might be two small but its slick as in the hand. One thing that niggled on the X-Pro was the viewfinder, it was good but never really spot on the optical finder bugged me and over time the electronic viewfinder rendered it redundant. Speed is improved ten fold, but that EVF viewfinder thing is another level. Files out of the camera really shine, images here were edited from a mix of VSCO on the iPhone and via the VSCO plugin in Lightroom, but to be fair not much was needed with the standard files.

Anyway tech talk done the images are more important and the cars on show merged with the backdrop of Worcestershire gave a real sense of theatre. A real cool day good to see the guys at Morgan and kudos to them for putting on a killer show. Even got a fly by from a stunt plane, next level stuff... flying skills approved.  

Recharging  Fuji XT1   


Fuji XT1

Robert.  Fuji x-t1 


Fuji x-t1