Another weekend looking for cars to chase lead me to Silverstone and some Ferrari magic, Passione Ferrari and Ferrari Challenge. Incorporating racing and viewing some prancing horses. For the racing, tricky wet conditions caused a few fall hard in the rain. Always special to see manufacturers turn up with intent to put on a show Ferrari really do a good job. All the results are here enjoy the images, thanks to Ferrari Europe for the hospitality and espresso's done properly. 


Another wet weekend in the UK and another disrupted event. The British GT is still great, this year more teams,  more attention. An amazing win for Optimum Motorsport's team consisting of Jonny Adam and the super talented Flick Haigh, they created history with a first ever female pole for Flick and an overall win for the pair. Round two didn't happen due to worsening weather and a red flag saw the end of the day and for some a call to the Oulton Park crew for help escaping the muddy car parks. With all that said, can't beat chasing cars in the rain. 


Another day of wet damp conditions, not that I'm moaning love the rain. Donington Park the venue for what will be the 60th running of this perennial favourite.It's going to be an interesting season, driver line ups look strongest for years, with Sam Tordoff returning and Dan Cammish moving over from Carrera Cup duty. Ash Sutton will have a target on his back going on as the champion of 2017, and no doubt the usual names of Turkington, Ingram and Collard will be up the front fighting, can't wait. First round Brands Hatch...

HANKOOK 24H Silverstone

So, first media event of 2018 and solo accreditation for the Hankook 24h Series, wind and rain are a bonus to a weekend like this adding consequence and risk to an already frantic weekend of racing, which saw Proto, GT3 and TCR cars all squeeze onto the airfield at Silverstone. Here's the link to all the classifications way to many to put on this site but congrats to all the runners riders and sliders hats off, it was challenging at times below is a galley of choice cuts. Enjoy and get involved via instagram suberashiautophoto and the same for twitter. Get in touch for content. peace 


Ferrari came out in force to celebrate its 70th birthday, over the weekend. Part of their world tour showcasing and celebrating everything Maranello and Enzo inspired. Along with all this heritage came the news that this would be my first full accreditation meaning access behind the fence and into the inner sanction to privileged mooching into the pits and lane for race action. Everything was here F40, Testarossa, championship winning F1 metal. Ferrari Races held a few rounds here over the weekend, and for the lucky few, laps inside the insanely glorious FXXK.  All the GT class cars made a showing no 288 GTO though. As a weekend day out defiantly do it!!! you will never see so many Ferrari classics about. Highlights ? seeing classic Ferrari F1 cars flying through Maggots and Becketts full volume no apologies. Massive thanks to Ferrari Europe for the chance (see you at FOS) to cut my teeth and have all that privilege of seeing historic iconic brilliance . More please more I can't get enough of being stood on the side of a track really can't, anyway enjoy the images. Now, how and who do I talk to for more of this???... commissions anyone ?

BTCC Silverstone 2017

You thought the Singapore GP was full on? nothing compared to race one with Rob Collard sliding off with a hospital visit for him and others. Jack Goff winning race 2 and Matt Neal winning race 3 with Rob Huff stepping up for Tom Chilton and picking up a second place...phew

Enjoy the images

Race Results

Race 1

1. Tom IngramToyota Avensis

2. Jack Goff Honda Civic Type R

3. Adam Morgan Mercedes-Benz A-Class


Race 2

1. Jack Goff Honda Civic Type R

2. Tom Ingram Toyota Avensis

3. Colin Tarkington BMW 125i M Sport


Race 3


1. Matt NealHonda Civic Type R

2. Rob HuffVauxhall Astra

3. Dave Newsham Chevrolet Cruze 4dr

GT Open Silverstone England

Silverstone played host to GT Open heres the link to the classifications as there are so many classes to follow... I do know that the likes of Tom Onslow Cole, Albert Costa, Nelson Piquet Jnr and even some bloke called Chris Harris off some TV thing were all in attendance anyway enjoy the pics. More for the accreditation I guess can walk around snapping cars all day 

BTCC Rockingham Motor Speedway

A maiden win for James Cole , a stonking podium for Colin Turkington and more problems for Honda. Subaru leave showing it's not just BMW who can get rear wheel power down. 


  1. James Cole Subaru Levorg GT
  2. Ashley Sutton Subaru Levorg GT
  3. Jack Goff Honda Civic Type R


     1. Ashley Sutton Subaru Levorg GT

    2. Mat JacksonFord Focus ST MK.III

    3. Colin TurkingtonBMW 125i M Sport


     1. Andrew JordanBMW 125i M Sport

     2. Adam MorganMercedes-Benz A-Class

     3. Jason PlatoSubaru Levorg GT

70th British Hill Climb Shelsley Walsh Worcestershire

Me, my camera in the backyard of Worcestershire, taking in the 70th anniversary British Hill Climb at the ever pretty Shelsley Walsh. Lots of hillclimb champs for the well versed not me though just there for the fresh air and cars enjoy. Now I'm no hillclimb expert at all this is more a look at my local race track the super historic Shelsley Walsh, for me the chance to stroll around my neighbourhood and smell hear and snap some serious hill climbing muscle. Heres the images enjoy them it's an incredibly historic place I love visiting always a very special. 

Rolex British Grand Prix 2017 Silverstone

Five British GP wins and four of those on the spin can't be a bad thing? Lewis Hamilton quietens the noise and negative press to dominate the weekend in Northampton. 

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes AMG Petronas 

2. Valtteri Bottas Mercedes AMG Petronas

3. Kimi Räikkönen Scuderia Ferrari 

British GT Silverstone England


British GT Race Result

1.Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3

2. Macmillan AMR Aston Martin Vantage GT3

3. Spirit of Race Ferrari 488 GT3

BTCC Oulton Park Cheshire England


  1. Andrew Jordan BMW 125i M Sport
  2. Matt Neal Honda Civic Type R
  3. Ashley Sutton Subaru Levorg GT


     1. Ashley SuttonSubaru Levorg GT

     2. Robert Collard BMW 125i M Sport

     3. Matt NealHonda Civic Type R


     1. Gordon Shedden Honda Civic Type R

     2. Matt Neal Honda Civic Type R

     3. Andrew Jordan BMW 125i M Sport


British GT Rockingham Motor Speedway

Muscle at Rockingham Motor Speedway for the British GT Championships

British GT Race Result

1.Team Parker Racing Bentley Continental GT3

2. Spirit of Race SA Ferrari 488 GTB

3. Macmillan AMR Aston Martin Vantage GT3

BTCC Championship Donington Park

Exhilarating weekend overshadowed by tragedy 

Race 1

          1. Aiden Moffatt Mercedes A - Class 

          2. Matt Neal Honda Civic Type R

          3. Rob Austin Toyota Avensis 

Race 2

          1. Tom Ingram Toyota Avensis

          2. Rob Collard BMW 125i M Sport 

          3. Ashley Sutton Subaru Levorg GT

Race 3

          1. Colin Tarkington BMW 125i M Sport

          2. Adam Morgan Mercedes Benz A Class 

          3. Ashley SuttonSubaru Levorg GT


BTCC Test Donington Park

The test session for the BTCC is great, a chance to see the new cars, line up's livery ....

Autosport International Birmingham

Festival for the eyes 

2016 in Pictures

2016 will be a year remembered like no other apparently, but I'm not here to talk about all that happened. More my year snapping away, how I fell out with things I loved to shoot, and found what I wanted and should be have shooting. How it happened and what happens next.

 Malvern looking at Brecon Wales

Malvern looking at Brecon Wales


 A year which gave me the chance to join the dots, work out what worked for me. How made the decisions and how I got my eyes. It started easy enough, more landscape, forests, mountains that's was the plan. Off out into the wild it was all good stuff but, I still didn't feel connected I didn't wake up thinking, YES!!! lets plan. It was more OK I don't get amped for sunsets, or such. Now I'm not saying there's a lack of engagement for that stuff but, I struggled to find narratives.      


 Worcestershire England.

Worcestershire England.

 Unless it was rainy, foggy, reminded me of horror and si-fi flicks it was dare I say a chore to motivate. Heres the thing, this all sounds really dour and negative, not at all. Everything happened and with good reason I really had a blast snapping away, it just seemed earlier in 2016 it wasn't what I should have shot.

 Old Trafford England

Old Trafford England

See, here's the thing I chased and tried to force myself into areas of photography that just stopped moving me or just failed to keep my mind happy. But you keep snapping away some of it sticks, lots didn't. As the months moved forward I searched high low for a clue, nothing. But then slowly it was calling me, there had to be a logical fit everybody has one right? I walked round football stadia pre game, a totally enjoyable and fun thing that you should try. Football though has left me cold over the years and i didn't feel the love from way back when I was a kid. So you scratch your head confusion, frustration, thinking where are you??! Every other Sunday watching racing cars on TV, then going out snapping more Landscape, more football but not seeing the connection that every other Sunday there was something that kept you so tied and locked in you missed the link.

 Old Trafford England

Old Trafford England

And still every other Sunday I would watch cars make shapes, defy physics, watch talented brave types pushing. Slowly it hit home, not having to push itself, often seeing my mind drift to thinking  shutter speed or a corner. Slowly it hit home, colours tone texture. There was a point during the 2016 F1 season where I didn't actually watch the race I spent two hours looking at corners, kerbs, the landscape from a photo making perspective. I don't remember which race it was but I remember  thinking, there's a shot, there's a shot. Bang!!! that was it a natural absorption of where my eyes lay. My childhood watching, Senna, Prost, Piquet had endured to the point were it was all second nature but I had missed the link as it was maybe too obvious? Finally I had it, so with that it was off to see how I would fare. Safe to say comfort zone was fine, challenge massive hampered only by nagging doubt on whether it would work

 Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone.

Kevin Magnussen, Silverstone.

Pre-Visualisation came easy, as I mentioned earlier i'd struggled in 2016 with pre seeing scenes due to a lack of real connection. This was different, constantly looking, thinking writing, stuff down. How do I want tell my story of motor racing? How do I see that world ? Will people feel it? Crazy but its working, crazy I didn't see it sooner, crazy that I was too into following a trend or crowd for internet likes. Now it feels like the shackles are off and with that onto 2017, time to smash that ceiling share my love of cars and motorsport 

Trick is try it you never know, you don't need special passes or hook ups, think of the each trip as an editorial adventure. Picking subjects or a theme to play with help me, colours are great the endless scope of colour is nuts. Shutter speed, tricks from landscape work, ICM and long exposure all come into play. Now, now I get it everything starts back up in March until then more learning fine tuning the chase continues. 

 Valtteri Bottas, Silverstone England

Valtteri Bottas, Silverstone England