Hi, Im Stacy Guiney owner of Suberashi Auto Photo welcome to my small spot on the web. So.. about me I guess this page is about me and the business right ? How bout some pointers to things I love and enjoy rather than a gushing bio.

1. I love Music- used to make it and worked in music retail when LP's and CD's where cool.

2. Yes I love photography head in books or messing with new or old toys is fairly normal.

3. Slightly obsessive sneaker collection the remnants of the hunter gatherer in all of us.

4. Stanley Kubrick, Bill Murray and Stan Lee are folks I admire. 

5. I do like horror flicks.

6. I have pins in my left wrist from a snowboard injury.

7. Love snowboarding, my knees don't.

8. I always have a camera.

9. Love seeing people I love doing well.

10. Not only sneakers but I love a good hat or cap.



Accreditations FIA WEC, GT Open, Ferrari Europe, Hankook 24